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I thought today that I would go through some of the stuff I've bookmarked on and share them. It's an eclectic bunch of sites, so here they are:

Arcademic Skill Builders - there's been a lot written lately about using video games for academic purposes. This site had a number of free games that develop a variety of skills in students and it allows the player to print off results. Fun homework assignment!

School Library Media - this is the website for a print magazine that is available through subscription. However, there is free stuff including some lesson ideas and a blog. It is written by TLs for TLs.

INTERNET PREDATOR' STEREOTYPES DEBUNKED IN NEW STUDY - This news article starts out with this lead: "Contrary to stereotype, most Internet sex offenders are not adults who target young children by posing as another youth, luring children to meetings, and then abducting or forcibly raping them, according to researchers who have studied the nature of Internet-initiated sex crimes." With all the media hype and horror, it's refreshing to have an actual study that gets out what is really happening. I think that the biggest issue is cyberbullying, not Internet predators.

Visible Thinking - Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. This comes out of Harvard. This resource could be used as a self-initiated PD module, or as part of a study module for a PLC interested in developing students thinking skills.

Here's a video brought to my attention from an elementary TL in my district. It's from Teacher Tube and it's called Pay Attention (about teachers needing to shift to 21st Century Literacies):

Teacher Pageflakes - You can create your own personal web page. Customize your page to have your teaching schedule, pictures, etc. Or you can create a library web page that's customized to your own school. It's easy to use and set up. There are lots of examples that you can check out to help you set things up.

21st Century Literacy Skills - This is a page from Noodletools that is full of resources for TLs to help teacher essential 21st century literacy skills. Great resource.

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