Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meme: Passion Quilt

Got this from my fellow blogger who writes quoteflections. It's like a blogger chain letter. I got wind of this thing from Cathy Nelson's Techno Tuesday blog last week- it's kind of neat how this thing spreads. PC picked it up from Blue Skunk and passed it on to me. The challenge is:

"Post a picture that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about, reflect upon it a little, and include links to 5 folks in your professional network."

Here's my picture (ever try to find a picture about critical thinking?). I believe that kids need to learn how to think critically - this is essential in our times. I think that the process of learning is so much more important than content - especially with our older students. I wish that the curriculum revisions our Ministry of Education is focusing on weren't still so infused with content. We need to teach kids how to learn and how to embrace a 'learning lifestyle' as David Warlick so eloquently puts it. So emphasis needs to be on the higher order thinking skills such as evaluation and synthesis. And these skills are so much a part of a research process and inquiry-based learning curriculum.
I follow a blog called Students 2.0 and the post that is linked here is written by a student from Vermont. He blogs about study hall and the idea that schools have the attitude that students must be forced to learn. This particular blogpost ties into the idea of the thinking curriculum and the development of a learning lifestyle. It's worth a look - the comments attached the post have stimulated some thinking from educators about the future of education.
So here are the links to 5 people in my professional networks:

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