Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching Up

I have just spent the last 2 hours catching up reading my feeds - something that I haven't done since before March Break. My head is spinning with information right now - I finally just had to stop reading. I'm following about 30 blogs and feeds right now and that is probably my limit. David Warlick had a great post about keeping your PLN (Personal Learning Network) managable. You can check it out here - it has lots of tips to keep you going insane from info over-load.

Another interesting and disturbing post that I missed is: Cell phone cameras in the K-12 classroom: Punishable offenses or student-citizen journalism? The gist is students with cell phones videotaped their teachers with cell phones and then posted the videos on You Tube. The videos are not pretty. And it is apparent that the viewer will certainly not know what came before the videos were filmed or under what context. The comments regarding the videos (these videos have been embedded in the post) are worth reading and really look at a variety of issues in education: student engagement, character education, use of technology in the classroom, class management, parental support, administrator support - I could go on. Cathy Nelson blogged about this as did Doug Johnson and you can read their comments here and here. What was amazing to me were the amount of comments regarding the use of corporal punishment against the students.


Cathy Nelson said...

Yes it is shocking information. Corporal Punishment is SO 19th century too!! It pleases me t no end to realize I am one of your 30 blogs read. Shamefully I must say that I follow 300+ feeds. But roughly a fourth of the comments feeds for some of the blogs I read in my reader. SO that makes me feel a wee bit better. Oh gosh--maybe you don't read me! MAybe you just picked up on it form Doug's blog! I did get a lot of extra traffic that week.

Sharon Seslija (aka Betty Bunhead) said...

Cathy Nelson replied to my blog! I am so excited about this!
Yes I do read your blog faithfully. You are one of my favourites, up there with Doug Johnson and Joyce Valenza. Many a time I have picked up things from your blog that have helped me extend my learning - the power of PLN. Thanks for your response.