Saturday, June 21, 2008

AH... Summer Reads

I am finally beginning to see the end in sight, but still have a number of things to do and loose ends to tie up. Next week is the last week of school before summer vacation and I have 2 more sessions to facilitate as part of my Health and PE duties. I will be meeting with our secondary department heads on Tuesday and assisting in running a Red Cross Swim Instructor re-certification session for the teachers who have the qualifications to teach swimming on Wednesday. I have 2 meetings scheduled for the last day of school and one on the Tuesday morning - both planning sessions for next year.

Just this past week I had the opportunity to run sessions for elementary principals and vice-principals about effective school library programs. I don't think that my predecessor was ever given this opportunity so I feel that this is a good sign - a positive way to end the year I think.

I started writing a response to a post from LC's Chip Van Philosophy about summer reading. As I was posting a comment, I thought that it would make for a nice end of year post. So I am following your lead LC.

I have a stack of books - some professional and most not. There is a series that I tend to re-read and that's the Outlander series by Diana Galbadon. It's romantic historical fiction with a sci-fi time travel element. Jamie, the hero-to-die-for and Claire his witty, talented, resourceful wife are my absolute favourite fictional characters. Galbadon's writing make me laugh, cry, think, get really angry, etc... What is most interesting about this writer is she has had an amazing career background - she has three science degrees, wrote numerous articles for scholarly journals and comic strips for Disney. She is currently working on the seventh installment of her series.

I am anxiously waiting for Stephanie Meyer's last installation of her Twilight series due out in August.

Now, if I just had a backyard pool or a beach house.... Have a great summer!
Image: Frazier, Jim. (2005) Hearst Castle Swimming Pool
PS Ok I just realized something. The photographer who took the above picture is named Jim Frazier. The name of the male protagonist from Outlander is named James Fraser. Interesting co-incidence.

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