Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recent Bookmarks

I missed a blog post last week. I was up to my knees in snow at health and physical education conference last weekend (team and leadership building activities). And this past week has been very busy with planning for ministry grants for library resources, secondary PLCs, English Department Heads meetings and Effective Writing pd. I also have been somewhat ill by something called labrynthitis which causes me to get dizzy at the oddest times. I don't have a severe case but it's enough to keep my energy levels down a bit. So that's my excuse for not writing last week.

Here's a short list of recent links posted to my account:

Academic Earth - online lectures from experts from leading universities

Encyclopedia of Life - online biology encyclopedia

Wikibooks - free online textbooks for secondary and higher

- free online textbooks for elementary students

Google Librarian Central Tools - free posters, bookmarks and tent cards to help students with web searches

More and more online resources are available everyday. This is why we absolutely must have virtual libraries and pathfinders for our students. Also, Google Book Search has now gone mobile. These free books can be downloaded to a mobile phone. So I can see more uses for cell phones in schools. Now if we can just deal with equity issues.

Short post as promised. I have to go write a poem for my writing group. If it turns out half-way decent, I'll share here. I'm really NOT a poet.

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Godiva said...

I'm loving Academic Earth! What a great resource, I'm excited to watch how it will grow.