Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Online Book Club for Professional Development

At the end of the year, I offered the opportunity to the English Department Heads in my board to participate in an online book discussion over the summer. I set up a blog to facilitate the discussion and offered to contribute to the cost of the book. I had 3 teachers who were interested and this past week we began our discussion. So far, so good.

One of the things that Will Richardson says about the read/write web is that teachers must use the technology and become comfortable with it before they use it with students. This blog will provide a vehicle for 3 teachers to become comfortable and see the ways they can apply it in their classrooms next year. I'm hoping to expand this and have more teachers involved next time.

Our blog is called Adolescent Literacy. Drop in some time and feel free to comment.


Will said...

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for reading, and best wishes for your blog!
Will Richardson

Sharon Seslija said...

Thanks for checking this out (although I don't know how you did this because I didn't link your name - I'm still very much a newbie with this technology). Looking forward to seeing you next week when you present at Vision to Practice in Windsor, ON Canada.

paul c said...

I'll be there too. Will was instrumental in stirring my interest in the blogging genre.